A Day on – Schools of the Future: The Big Shifts

A Day on – Schools of the Future: The Big Shifts

A Day on – Schools of the Future: The Big Shifts

Consultant’s Assignment: Part I: For all faculty and staff and SPC (plus board and parents, if possible): a 90- minute keynote examination what the MacArthur Foundation calls the six “big shifts” in education, at all levels: From…

1.) knowing to doing;

2.) teacher-centered to student-centered;

3.) the individual to the team;

4.) consumption of information to construction of meaning;

5.) schools to networks (online peers & experts);

6.) single sourcing to crowdsourcing.

And as a bonus,

#7.) high stakes testing to high value demonstrations of learning.

Part II: 60-minute small-group breakout sessions of faculty and staff divided in groups of 12 -15 across divisional lines to discuss the implications of The Big Shifts for one’s school.

Part III: 60-90 minute debrief session(s) for all staff (or for large schools, by divisions or departments), led by the consultant: “headline from the small group sessions from each group’s note-taker/ reporter, with commentary on observations made by the consultant, followed by open-ended Q&A on all related topics.

School’s Advance Assignment: Create the day’s schedule and breakout groups and assign a group facilitator and a note-taker/reporter to each breakout group. See the Schools of the Future Breakout Sessions Format document on the website.

Consultant’s Deliverable: A full day’s in-service for faculty/staff.

Download the Sample Days Offerings as a pdf