David Chojnacki

David Chojnacki (pronounced “hoy-NOT- ski”) has had a lifetime of engagement in, leadership of, and networking with independent schools around the world. His headships include stints at the International School of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (1981-1984); the Karachi American School (1984-1988); the American Embassy School in New Delhi (1988-1992); and Cairo American College (1992-1996). In 1996 David was appointed executive director of NESA, the Near East South Asia Council of Overseas Schools, leading that organization to international prominence and serving the member schools in numerous ways, especially providing valued services in networking, professional development, and executive coaching of school leaders, serving for 21 years in that capacity until his retirement in 2017.

David’s board service has included the following: The Association of International Schools in Africa, “AISA” (1982-1984); Near East South Council of Overseas Schools, “NESA” (1985-1996; president, 1992-1995, Trustee); The Schutz American School-Alexandria, Egypt (1993-1996); the Association for the Advancement of International Education, “AAIE” (1996- 2017); the National Association of Independent Schools, “NAIS” (2005-2011); and the US Fulbright Commission in Greece (2011-2014).

The boards David has trained are numerous and the outreach global, including: International
School of Islamabad; International School of Kenya; American Community Schools (Athens);
Walworth Barbour American International School (Tel Aviv); American Cooperative School of
Tunis; International School of Beijing; American School of Dubai; American Community School
(Amman); American School of Doha; American School in Japan; International School of Aberdeen; Overseas School of Colombo; American International School (Dhaka); International Community School (Addis Ababa); American Community School (Abu Dhabi); The American International School of Muscat; American School of Warsaw; Heads Workshop of the Central & Eastern European Schools Association (“CEESA); American International School (Vienna).

His other relevant experience includes editing the international edition of the NAIS Trustee
Handbook; training in non-profit governance by “BoardSource”; training in executive coaching by “The Newfield Network”; and training in “Adaptive Schools” facilitation.

B.A.: Marquette University
M.S.-Ed and Administrative Credential: University of Wisconsin