Heads Up Consulting Multiple-Day Assignments

Heads Up Consulting Multiple-Day Assignments

Multiple-Day Assignments:

• Strategic Planning: Typically a 10-day commitment including data-gathering and analysis; sorting of issues to

development a framework of key topic possibilities; expert analysis of trends related to the key topics; testing of ideas with a range of constituents; drafting of plan; approval and communication of plan to the constituency.

• Executive Coaching: One of the principals of firm teams up with one of our partner consultants (a licensed psychologist) to offer analysis and feedback on leadership style and effectiveness for the head and admin team of the school, based on 360 feedback and psychometric assessments that reveal areas of strength and areas needing improvement for each member of the team and for the team itself.

• Executive Search: Depending on how much work the school chooses to do on its own, from 10 days to 20 days of the consultants’ time, the lesser amount assuming the school does all the preliminary work up to identifying the pool of 8 – 10 quarter finalists to background check and interview, at which point the principal consultant would become part of the interviewing, vetting, and winnowing process, through the contracting stage with the finalist and a transitional stage once on board with the school. The 20-day version would be if the firm did all the work from beginning to end.

• Scholar/Expert in Residence: Typically five days spread over a 7-day week of keynote addresses, workshops, office hours, classes, and brainstorming in any combination the school and consultant agree upon for topics the school wishes to entertain or operational elements the school wishes to audit (advancement, sustainability, etc.)

• School or School within a School Start Up: Some multiple of 20-day commitments, depending on the length, breadth, and complexity of the project.

School’s Advance Assignment: Planning of the topics and schedule for the week.

Consultant’s Deliverable: Real-time, sustained engagement with a host of constituents on topics of importance to the school. Option of follow-up executive coaching on an hourly basis by phone, Skype in “face to face” meetings, and email.

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